Namibia Wildlife Resorts or NWR manages camping sites restcamps and lodge across Namibia mostly in the National Parks.


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Accommodation in Skeleton Coast
Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Email: nwr@nwrnamibia.com

South Africa (+27) Tel: 013 751 2220


Offers an environmentally friendly atmosphere and experience.
The resort is conveniently located between the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Skeleton Coast.


Accommodation at Jakkalsputz

The campsites can accommodate up to a maximum of six people and both day visitors and overnight campers are welcome.


Activities and Attractions at Jakkalsputz

Jakkalsputz is the biggest of the three fishing camps managed by Tungeni Serenity and has a total of 250 separate campsites spread out along the length of the beach.


Jakkalsputz Facilities

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