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At Onkoshi Camp you are not only inside the fabulous Etosha national Park with all its wildlife and splendid nature but you also get the breathtaking vista over the Etosha pan itself something unique to Onkoshi Camp. Located in the north east of Etosha close to Fischers Pan the Namibia Wildlife Resorts run Onkoshi Eco Camp will stun you with the sights smells and sounds of the tranquil beauty of the Etosha Pan, its vastness spreads out before you extending an amazing flat panorama far beyond the horizon, during hot days you can see the heat shimmering off the surface, dramatic colours accompany every sunrise and sunset and the clear night skies show off Namibias celestial display of shining stars in all thier beauty.. remember to wish on any shooting stars you may spot!


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Accommodation in Etosha National Park
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