Duwisib Castle in Namibia near Maltahohe

Welcome to Duwisib Castle Camp in Namibia.

As well as being an historical site and national monument, Duwisib Castle is a convenient stopover when travelling from the popular Sesriem and Sossusvlei area.

Facilities and Accommodation at Duwisib Castle

Replete with history and romance Duwisib Castle is an ideal stopover for visitors' en route from Sossusvlei to the South of Namibia.

Duwisib Castle to Sossusvlei

Duwisib Castle is situated to the east and slightly south of Sossusvlei near Maltahohe and makes a great stopover location if you are heading south from Sossusvlei to Luderitz, Ai Ais or the South African border.

Allow four hours to travel the 200km from Duwisib Castle to Sossusvlei (or vice versa).

History of Duwisib Castle

Duwisib Castle offers the visitor a glimpse of German colonial times. The castle was built by the German Baron von Wolf in the early 1900s for his wife, and today Duwisib Castle houses a museum with artefacts from this extravagant era brought to South West Africa from Germany by ship.

Apart from being a gift of love, Duwisib Castle was a dream turned into reality for Baron von Wolf, who had planned on breeding horses in this semi-desert environment. Sadly, he was killed during the First World War. His wife left for America, never to return, leaving the castle and all of its contents and dreams behind.

Aerial view of Duwisib Castle Namibia looking down into the castle courtyard