Don't panic here is the plan

Etosha Park is one of the highlights of a trip to Namibia and therefore very popular, as the camps inside the park are not very big there are times of the year when they get fully booked far in advance (especially Okaukuejo), so if you have planned your trip then find out the dates you want to stay inside Etosha Park at a specific camp are fully booked what can we do?

The first thing we will do for you is try the other camps inside the park that are in a reasonable range of your original choice.

Okaukuejo Resort is the camp inside Etosha Park that books up the most the next option if that is the case will be Halali Resort which is 70km east of Okaukuejo, if that is full then we have to rethink our strategy, there are 4 other camps inside the park (Namutoni Resort 133km, Olifantsrus camping site 128km, Dolomite Resort 173km and Onkoshi Eco Resort 179km all are too far from Okaukuejo Resort to really be considered without possibly changing your whole road trip!

The next option is to stay at one of the great lodges or campsites situated just outside Etosha National Park close to the Anderson gate

Map of etosha National park waterholes

Places to stay near Anderson Gate

Just a short distance outside the Anderson gate there are a selection of great places to stay for visiting Etosha Park, and you are still in close proximity to some of the best wildlife viewing areas of the park. The park gate opens at dawn, the same time as the camp gates, so you can be inside the park at the same time as those staying inside the park. You will have to plan your game drive times to be at the gate at sunset to exit on time.

Some people prefer staying at the accommodation outside of Etosha because there are some benefits, for example there is a great self catering glamping option and there are more upscale lodges offering stunning experiences and even the camping sites are generally quieter and in better condition, remember when you pay and stay inside the park you are paying a premium for the location inside the park not necessarily quality.

What are the choices for staying near Anderson Gate?

We hope this helps you find accommodation for your safari to Etosha National Park, if you have more questions please send us a message and we will assist you the best we can, you can even DM us on instagram or facebook (links at bottom of the page).

Have a great trip to Etosha.