Namutoni Camp NWR inside Etosha National Park Namibia

Welcome to Namutoni Camp inside Etosha National park Namibia.

On the eastern side of the Etosha National Park Namutoni centres around a beautiful old German Fort, overlooking the flood-lit King Nehale waterhole (better known as Namutoni waterhole). Namutoni Fort dates back to a German police post built before the turn of the 20th century, which was later used as an army base.

The closest Etosha entrance gate to Namutoni is the Von Lindequist Gate which is only 12km from Namutoni Resort and sometimes referred to as the Namutoni gate.

Facilities and Accommodation at Namutoni Camp

The old fort in Namutoni makes it a special place to stay and the fort has become the central hub for the social activities at Namutoni. Two restaurants, a bar, chill out lounge, tourist shop and a curio shop occupy the square where soldiers once used to drill. Guests staying at Namutoni can also climb the tower for great sunset views.

The fort itself was originally converted into guest rooms, but now hosts some of the main facilities and the accommodation in Namutoni is now all situated behind the fort.

Etosha National Park Guided Game Drives

Although you can self-drive yourself very easily around Etosha, taking the opportunity to go on one of the guided game drives passes the responsibility of driving to someone else and gives you extra eyes to do the wildlife spotting leaving you free to relax and enjoy the ride.

There are morning, afternoon and night drives available from Namutoni Camp, night drives offer a unique safari experience in Etosha National Park since self drive tourists must be back in camp before sunset.

To book your seat on these amazing safari experiences go to the reception at Namutoni Camp and book your spot as early as possible, it is a first come first served basis.

Fort Namutoni History

Namutoni Fort dates back to before the turn of the 20th century when it was a German frontier post controlling the vast open area around it dealing with cattle plagues to smuggling.

Namutoni became a military outpost as the local tribes pushed back against the German occupation and the original Namutoni outpost was destroyed by Chief Nehales and his warriors in early 1901.

A sturdier bigger fort in the style we see it today was built in 1905 and held a small garrison of German troops who repelled several further attacks, later on Namutoni Fort became a police post then a South African Military base before being declared a national monument in 1950 when it was restored to its former glory and opened to the public in 1957.

Etosha Namutoni Camp Swimming Pool Namutoni Camp NWR inside Etosha National Park Namibia
Namutoni Etosha Namibia
Namutoni Etosha Namibia