Enjoy the bird life as you hike the Nauluft trails around the NWR Naukluft Restcamp.

All around The Namib Naukluft Park there are beautiful hiking routes which are a must for nature lovers.

Five different vegetation communities within the Naukluft Park ensure a wealth of tree and shrub species, and a variety of aloes.

With its massive and varied rock formations the Naukluft Mountain area is a geologist's paradise. The intermittent layers of horizontally folded igneous rock, quartzite, dolomite and shale are impressive with their giant symmetrical patterns.

Naukluft's steep cliffs are nesting grounds for various cliff-breeding bird species, including Black eagles.

Short Naukluft Trails - Day Hikes

You can choose from two shorter day hikes, the Olive and Waterkloof trails which must be booked at Naukluft Reception.

Overnight Naukluft Hiking Trail

As well as the short day hikes, there is also a 120km Naukluft Hiking Trail which takes eight days. You could also choose take the shorter four day trail which consists of the first half of the Naukluft Hiking Trail only.

The first four days of the Naukluft Hiking Trail consists of moderate hiking, whilst the last four days are more difficult.

It is possible for extremely fit hikers to complete the full Naukluft Hiking Trail in seven days by combining the last two days (days seven and eight).

Whichever version of the overnight Naukluft Trail you choose, 4, 7 or 8 days, the overnight Naukluft Hiking Trail must be booked in advance.

Naukluft Camp NWR inside Namib Naukluft Mountains Namibia Naukluft Camp NWR inside Namib Naukluft Mountains Namibia

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