Sesriem Oshana Camp Namibia Sossusvlei

Welcome to Sesriem Oshana Camp Site - a campsite built with adventure travel in mind but also with a touch of luxury.

Sesriem Oshana Camping is one of only two camp sites at Sossusvlei which are inside the gates of the Namib Naukluft Park at Sesriem giving guests early access to the Sossusvlei dunes and the Namib Desert in the mornings. Sesriem Oshana also provides the only camping sites inside the park with private ablutions at each campsite.

Facilities and Accommodation at Sesriem Oshana

Please note that there are no rooms available at Sesriem Oshana, you must bring all your own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag and cooking equipment). For room accommodation inside the park at Sesriem check out the sister lodge to Sesriem Oshana Dead Valley Lodge or Sossus Dune Lodge run by NWR.

Sesriem Oshana Camp is a privately run campsite at inside the park at Sossusvlei. The campsite is run as part of a joint venture with NWR Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

For more camp sites inside the park check out NWR Sesriem Camp run by Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

Sesriem Oshana NWR Sossusvlei Namibia