Kolmanskop Ghost Town is one of th emost interesting things to do in Luderitz Namibia.

One of the biggest draws for tourists to Luderitz is the ghost town of Kolmanskop situated just 10km from Luderitz in a restricted area of the desert. Kolmanskop was once a small diamond mining village but has been abandoned since 1956 and is being reclaimed by the sands of the desert. It is very photogenic and popular with photographers.

Other reasons to visit Luderitz include:

  • The old German architecture around the town
  • Visiting Agate Beach to see the desert sand roses
  • Diaz Point - the historic landing spot of the 17th century explorer Bartholomew Diaz
  • The shipwreck at Grosse Bucht (Big Bay)
  • Sightings of marine wildlife such as:
    • Flamingos on Lüderitz peninsula & Grosse Bucht
    • Jackass penguins on Halifax island
    • Sea lions on Diaz point and Shark Peninsula
    • Pelicans in Luderitz harbour and on Shark Peninsula

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