Spitzkoppe Community Campsite in Damaraland Namibia

Welcome to Spitzkoppe Community Campsite in Damaraland Namibia.

Discover the enchanting Spitzkoppe Mountain at our campsite nestled in the heart of Namibia’s stunning landscapes.

One of Namibia’s unique landmarks is the flat, gently undulating dirt road leading up to Spitzkoppe, emphasizing how Spitzkoppe Mountain dominates the area. Its three peaks thrust up from the surrounding flat desert, making it truly special.

About Spitzkoppe Community Campsite Damaraland Namibia

The community camp is run for the benefit of the local community and allows visitors to camp right in the heart of Spitzkoppe, absorbing the beauty and peaceful energy of this majestic place. Camping has intentionally been kept "wild," and the Spitzkoppe camping sites dotted around the mountain are very simple.

Each camping site has an area for making a fire and a long-drop toilet is present on site. That's it, so bring everything with you! At the entrance, there is a restaurant, shower, and a water point, but at the campsite, it's just you, your fire, beautiful views, and birds.

More About Spitzkoppe Community Campsite

It gets hot during the day – really hot – and there are very few places to escape the sun and heat. The rocks themselves radiate heat, so be prepared for this.

Any activities you plan to do, like visiting the rock paintings or walking the hiking trail, should be done early in the day to enjoy the morning fresh air. Then you can retreat to the restaurant/bar area near the entrance, rehydrate with some cold drinks, and grab something to eat.

Photos of Spitzkoppe Community Campsite

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