Torra Bay Campsite in Skeleton Coast Namibia

Welcome to Torra Bay Campsite in Skeleton Coast Namibia.

Bring everything you need for a fisherman’s holiday to remember inside the Skeleton Coast National Park.

Torra Bay is only open in December and January and has ninety five spacious if a little barren camping sites right beside the beach!

About Torra Bay Campsite Skeleton Coast Namibia

Despite the harsh conditions of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, with icy Atlantic waters and relentless trade winds, while lacking in typical beachside holiday amenities, Torra Bay attracts a dedicated group of adventurers, particularly anglers.

More About Torra Bay Campsite

The campsite becomes a hub for exceptional shore-based sport fishing. With basic facilities like a shop, fuel station, and ablution blocks, this rugged and challenging experience offers dedicated anglers the opportunity to gather plenty of tales and trophy catches for their collections.

Photos of Torra Bay Campsite

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