Olifantsrus Camping Site Etosha National Park Namibia

Namibia Wildlife Resorts Olifantsrus Campsite is the newest camp to open inside Etosha National Park, located in the previously under-utilized western region. Olifantsrus is approximately 130km from Okaukuejo, 60km from Galton Gate (Otjovasandu) and 50km from Dolomite Camp and offers a camping only experience.

Olifantsrus entrance Olifantsrus Camp

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Welcome to Olifantsrus Camping Site Etosha National Park

Olifantsrus is Etosha’s newest camp and the first accommodation option in the park to offer a camping only experience, allowing you to feel that little bit closer to the incredible African bush all around you. Situated in the wilder, more remote and previously less-utilized western section of the park, Olifantsrus is approximately 60kms from Galton Gate, 130kms from Okaukuejo and 50kms from Dolomite Camp.

The camp opens at sunrise and closes at sunset as per the general park regulations and day visitors are only allowed to use the picnic facilities up until 16h00.


Olifantsrus campsite Olifantsrus Camp

Olifantsrus HideOlifantsrus Camp

The campsite also has a number of amenities including an information centre, a kiosk selling drinks and light meals, a communal kitchen and immaculate male and female ablutions blocks.
Olifantsrus Camp consists of 10 camp sites with a maximum group of 8 people per site.
The camp’s picturesque picnic facilities are also open to day visitors. Currently, there are no braai facilities for campers, only flat bases to make fire. Day visitors pay an entry fee of N$ 50 per person at the reception upon entering Olifanstrus.

Rare and shy species such as black rhino and black-faced impala are well-established in this quieter part of the park.

Aside from a more raw bush experience, Olifantsrus offers unrivalled access to a magnificent state of the art double story hide overlooking a manmade waterhole that has become particularly popular with elephants, hence the camp’s name (which translates as ‘Elephant’s Rest’).

Things To Do
One of the key attractions of Olifantsrus Campsitesite is the state of the art hide which is probably the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa or Southern Africa.

This is a double story building (hut) with aluminium glasses around it in front of a man made waterhole engineered for peaceful game viewing.

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