Visitors to Namibia arriving at the Hosea Kutako International Airport an easily gain access to the B1 highway, which leads to Etosha National Park. This highway is the main road connecting Windhoek to other cities and tourist destinations in Namibia.

Windhoek airport to Okaukuejo resort Etosha National Park

Start: Hosea Kutako International Airport

Continue to B6
3 min (1.3 km)
Head northeast
56 m
Turn right
190 m
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
1.1 km
Follow B6 and B1 to Lang Street in Otjiwarongo
2 hr 57 min (290 km)
Turn right onto B6
40.5 km
Turn right onto Nelson Mandela Ave
3.2 km
Turn right onto Robert Mugabe Ave
1.7 km
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
180 m
Continue straight
110 m
Continue onto B1
800 m
Turn right onto the ramp to B1
110 m
Keep right to continue toward B1
260 m
Continue onto B1
69.3 km
Turn right to stay on B1
174 km
Follow C38 to your destination in Okaukuejo
1 hr 59 min (186 km)
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Lang Street
2.4 km
Turn left onto B1/C38 
Continue to follow C38
183 km
Turn left
500 m
Turn right
Destination will be on the left
47 m
Arrive: Okaukuejo Resort

Visitors can also use GPS or a mapping app to navigate from the airport to the B1 highway.
The GPS coordinates for the Hosea Kutako International Airport are: -22.4877, 17.4629
It is important to note that while traveling on the B1 highway, visitors should obey the speed limit, as there are frequent police checkpoints along the road. Visitors should also be prepared for varying road conditions, as the B1 highway can be quite rural in some areas and may not be well-maintained in others.

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Some points of interest on your journey

If you're driving along the B1 highway in Namibia, there are several noteworthy places you can visit. Below is information about two of these towns:
GPS Coordinates: -20.4511, 16.6636
Brief history: Established as a German colonial settlement in the early 1900s, Otjiwarongo is a town along the B1 highway. It's famous for its hot springs and the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
Fun fact: Known as the "Oasis of the North," Otjiwarongo is home to several hot springs with therapeutic properties.
GPS Coordinates: -20.1129, 16.1613
Brief history: Outjo is a town located near the King Nehale Gate to Etosha National Park. It was established as a German colonial settlement in the late 1800s and is well-known for its hot springs and wildlife parks.
Fun fact: Outjo is located in the heart of Namibia's wildlife conservation area, giving visitors the chance to see a variety of African wildlife, including cheetahs, leopards, and elephants.
Along the B1 highway, there are also essential services such as fuel stations, police stations, hospitals, and convenience stores.

Gates to Etosha National Park:
Anderson Gate -19.3314, 15.9397
King Nehale Gate -18.4979, 16.7431
Von Lindequist Gate (Namutoni Gate) -18.7999, 17.03298

Travel time and distance to the gates are as follows:
Anderson Gate: Travel time of approximately 4 hours 38 min, distance of approximately 458km /285 miles.
King Nehale Gate: Travel time of approximately 6 hours 33 min, distance of approximately 650 km / 404 miles
Von Lindequist Gate (Namutoni): Travel time of approximately 5 hours 46 min, distance of approximately 573 km / 356 miles
The Anderson Gate is the most recommended gate to reach the Etosha Okaukuejo Camp and is located on the western side of the park.
To get from Anderson Gate (19.5114° S, 16.4317° E) to Okaukuejo Camp (19.1447° S, 15.8094° E ) , you will need to drive approximately 20 minutes. The exact directions will depend on your starting location and mode of transportation, but the quickest route is likely to be via the B1 highway and other major roads in the area.
Please note that driving conditions in Etosha National Park can be challenging and it is advisable to take precautions such as bringing plenty of water, food, and spare tire, as well as making sure your vehicle is in good condition.
It is recommended to use a GPS navigation device or map to help you find your way, as some of the roads in the park can be difficult to navigate.


NWR camps and places to stay inside Etosha

Alternative places to stay OUTSIDE Etosha Park