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Covering over 22,000 sq km Etosha National Park Namibia is one of the largest National Parks in Africa. At the heart of the park is the Etosha Salt Pan covering nearly one fifth of the park. The scrub bush and grassy plains surrounding the massive Etosha salt pan are home to a variety of wildlife which have adapted to the harsh arid conditions. As you move further away from the salt pan the terrain of Etosha changes and you will find yourself in hilly mopane woodlands.

NWR camps and places to stay inside Etosha

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How to get to each gate of Etosha

Natural springs attract the wildlife of Etosha who gather at these life giving water holes especially in the cooler early morning and in the evening just before dusk as the antelope, giraffe and herds of zebra and wildebeest take a last drink before the blanket of darkness descends making predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah harder to spot.

King of the waterholes in Etosha though must be the Elephant, reluctant to share their drinking and bathing time one elephant will usually stand guard as the rest of the family drink and bathe. Watching these gentle giants interact is never disappointing in Etosha.

The main restcamps within Etosha National Park all have floodlit waterholes so that you can continue to enjoy your wildlife safari experience after dark. Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni are the oldest of the restcamps, and all have both camping and rooms or chalets to suit a variety of budgets, while the more exclusive Onkoshi is a more recent addition to the NWR collection in Etosha.

The western section of Etosha National Park is little traversed, for those who wish to visit this section of the park or to enter/exit via the gate in the north west of the park there are two relatively new restcamps, Olifantsrus Campsite for those who wish to camp, and Dolomite Tented Camp for those who prefer a little more luxury.