Welcome to Waterberg Resort inside Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia.

Waterberg Plateau in central Namibia rises high and majestic above the flat savannah and Kalahari plains offering scenic game viewing of some of Namibias rarest wildlife.

Waterberg Resort NWR Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia

Facilities and Accommodation at Waterberg Resort Namibia

Note that self drive game viewing is not allowed in Waterberg Park, however there are both morning and evening guided game drives available and there are short self-guided hiking trails marked out within Waterberg Park.

Waterberg Plateau History

Waterberg Plateau Park is a Namibian National Park created in 1972 specifically for the protection of endangered species. Because Waterberg Plateau is largely inaccessible several of Namibias most endangered species were relocated here in the early 1970’s for protection against both natural predators and poachers. Examples include the Roan and Sable antelope both of which seem to thrive on the Waterberg Plateau as well as the tsessebe and white rhino.

Geologically, the oldest rock stratum of Waterberg Pleateau is over 850 million years old, and dinosaur tracks dating from 200 million years ago have been found on the top of the plateau.

The first human inhabitants at Waterberg in Namibia were the San people, and rock engravings believed to be several thousand years old have been found. A small tribe of the San were living their traditional lifestyle on Waterberg plateau until the late 1960s.

Waterberg Resort NWR Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia Waterberg Resort NWR Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia